Primal Nourishment Session
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Primal Nourishment Session

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I understand what it’s like to battle with food—from every angle. 

From my experience as a teenager with disordered eating, to growing my healthy babies through pregnancy, to navigating the task of trying to raise children who are nourished, body and spirit, despite living in a culture in which our relationship to food is often deeply troubled, I can relate.  

What and how we eat is intimately tied to immunity, energy, healing, and of course family and community, not to mention the very earth to which we bear the responsibility of stewardship. 

Over the years, I’ve tried everything approach to food under the sun: veganism, low-fat, mediterranean, strictly organic, and anything goes. I’ve agonized about what my children are, and are not eating.  I have endured  dramatic fluctuations in my own health, and sadly, I watched my beloved husband’s wellness decline to the point that he was bedridden and waiting for surgery thanks to the effects of an auto-immune disorder. 

In my case, I had been a vegan for several years, and while I felt great when I began that regime, I soon declined considerably and I knew my body was missing essential nutrients. 

These crises were a catalyst for change. 

I launched myself into researching and testing various approaches to nourishment, and I ended up training to become a health coach along the way.   

What I found is that eating a high-density whole foods diet, with a focus on plants yet including naturally raised meats and nutritive fats, free from grain, free from refined sugars and industrial processing, and inclusive of easily-homemade probiotic-rich veggies was the key for our family.  

And to my surprise, not only did my husband’s and my health transform, but our entire family culture around food was revolutionized.  

And it was easy.  

Every day, I [pretty much, mostly] seamlessly adapt this approach to the palates and habits of our five children. 

This primal path to wellness has not only brought me and my kids to a state of good health, but contributed to almost eliminating my husband’s disease symptoms—without pharmaceuticals.  

Five years ago, after multiple surgeries, Lee was lethargic all the time.  He experienced brain fog, depression, and debilitating joint pain among other symptoms. Now, he is an engaged and active father and artist. 

Just as amazingly, I learned how to truly strike a balance when it comes to food.  I found myself totally relaxed about it—no longer worried about what my kids would be exposed to when they went out in public, no longer anxious about meal planning, or shopping, or whether or not the kids were going to like dinner.  As a result, my kids too became less anxious.  And they started to really eat, real food. 

This is without any rigidity, mind you.  

Rather, we have enormous respect and time for the realities of living and eating in this messy world.

There are so many valid routes to good health, and so many thrive with a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle.  

For those who have come to know that their bodies and brains require a different approach, I can help to give you tools for implementing a primal diet with a sense of levity and ease, and coach you through an audit of your current family food culture, with gentle suggestions as to how to shift that dynamic in the same way that I did with my family. 

I've been following this way of eating for almost a decade now, and it's proven to sustain my body, and to grow five beautiful and very smart kids. 

If you're pregnant and exploring the primal path as a way of optimizing your baby's nourishment, this session can be adapted to that, and any number of other stages of your life. 

This session involves a one-hour long Skype session with me, during which we will unpack the context in which you're currently approaching nourishment, access some powerful tools of self-awareness, and create a roadmap to cultivating a gracious, easy culture of food, rooted in a wholesome tradition. 

I can also chat with you about how I exercise and stay in shape, now and while pregnant. Everything is connected.