About Yolande

I'm Yolande, and I'm so delighted that you're here.  
My passion is sharing the profound truth about the power of women: that we hold the keys to the flourishing of the human species, and that wild pregnancy and free birth represent the sacred portal to immense wisdom and thriving.
This runs contrary to what we have been led to believe through cultural messaging and medical fearmongering.
In fact, we are made to give birth.
Childbirth is biologically designed to be ecstatic, delightful, fun, joyous and beautiful, and it's in unnecessarily interfering with this physiological design that we distort the outcome of birth and endanger women and babies.  
Sadly, the cultural myths that have been perpetuated and reinforced via institutional channels have reverberated through every area of our society and collective psyches.
I came to recognize that I had a sacred mission to reveal and share this secret, and to share the power of birth as the initiation into one of the most profound experiences of awakening and planetary connection available to human being. Peaceful birth is the foundation for peace.  Peaceful birth leads to contented babies, happy mothers, connected parenting, and even healthy relationships and marriages. 
Women who are awakened and birthing their babies in power will change the world. 
I myself have given birth to eight babies. All eight of my children were born at home, and for my youngest six children, I chose entirely wild pregnancies, and freebirths, which simply means that I cared for my body holistically and independently, and gave birth at home with only my family and/or non-medically trained friends present for emotional support. 
I have subsequently supported hundreds of other women as they have chosen the same path, as a full-spectrum birth attendant, witnessing births throughout my community, and now as a birth coach, consultant, and teacher, which has led me to work with women and families all over the world. 
I offer: