Peaceful Parenting Session
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Peaceful Parenting Session

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We all have high ideals when it comes to the kind of parent we want to be, but implementing this is often a different story. 

I started my mothering journey determined to be the perfect attachment parent. I was never going to yell, or snap at my kids, or get frustrated, or lose my cool. 

Well, I failed in every way. Until I learned some key strategies, tools, and tactics for dealing with my trauma and my emotions by acquiring the tools to access my own light and darkness as a human being and a mother, from the inside out. 

Now, with six little kids at home, things are not always rosy, or orderly, and I'm not a perfect mother by a long shot. But for the most part, I can comfortably occupy a position of power at the centre of my family, and inspire loving discipline in a way that honours the long game of parenting, while living in the moment, rather than getting caught up in minor irritations, and losing sight of the larger goal.

I would love to share those tools with you. Each session lasts one hour, over the phone or Skype.

Once you book, I'll send you an email to set up a time for our meeting.