Birth Trauma Debrief Session
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Birth Trauma Debrief Session

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Your baby is here. 

She is healthy and beautiful, and you love her beyond words. 

Everything is great! You're so lucky. 

And yet...there's a disturbance in your energetic field; a waver in your sense of self that you just can't shake.

A feeling that something's just a little bit off. 

Is it simply that mothering is hard? For everyone? Maybe. 

But when you drop into your body; when you really check in, you know it's not that.

You know that certain aspects of your birth were...wrong. 

It could be that had a c-section that your OB insisted was necessary...or maybe you had a c-section that you *know* was necessary! 

But it still feels unresolved.

Maybe you gave birth "naturally"--you might even have had a home birth like you always dreamed of.

You know it could have been so much worse...

So you rationalize. You reframe. It definitely could have been a lot worse...

But whether you're three weeks or three years postpartum, you can't shake the sense of imbalance; disintegration.

The thought of really "going there"--of allowing yourself to really dig into what you're starting to recognize as birth trauma floods your body with an almost unbearable pain. 

Don't be selfish, that inner voice says. Your baby is healthy. 

But there's another voice; one that you're recognizing as your authentic self. 

She's calling to you, with the message that there's something here to pay attention to; something that needs to be explored--and that just maybe, there's a freedom and power to be found in acknowledging what you know on a cellular level to be true:

You are experiencing trauma as a result of your birth.

And that it's not only ok, but important to acknowledge that. To be seen and heard in that.

Certain things that happened during your birth, or that were said or done to you, were wrong. Not what you wanted. Not what you asked for. Maybe even precisely what you asked to avoid. 

Maybe you were violated. And maybe the violation was mixed up with procedures that you know really did save your or your baby's life...which makes it that much more complicated to face, and to unravel. 

You know you can't change the past. You also know that you're increasingly worried about carrying these intrusive, grief-stricken, or even angry thoughts into your future as you grow into motherhood, and into the relationship you're creating with your baby.

I understand. 

I've been working in the world of birth for almost 20 years. I'm the mother of eight babies, and I too have experienced birth trauma. 

My birth-trauma debrief sessions focus on giving you the space to tell and own your story without judgement, denial, or the rhetoric of "empowerment". 

Together, we'll create a safe container for feeling your feelings fully, unpacking and understanding what really happened during your birth with as much clarity as we can, and I'll teach you the most powerful tools that I know, that will help you drawn on your intrinsic power, to move forward as a mother with clarity and confidence.

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