Radical Birthkeeper Business Session
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Radical Birthkeeper Business Session

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For so many women, supporting mothers during birth, bearing witness to homebirth, and serving their communities as wise women is a calling. 

You know in your heart you were meant to do this, and that knowing is confirmed and validated by the women who come to you, seeking comfort, advice, resources, and the knowledge that you have. 

Maybe you have birthed your own babies in power at home, or you have experiences that mothers who have undergone trauma and grief or loss can relate to. 

This is an area of work that is sorely needed in a fractured culture, and you know you have so much to give to your community, to your sisterhood.

Then there’s money.  Obviously you need to provide for your children, and put gas in your car, but it’s so hard to charge women for work that you love so much, and recognize as such a heartfelt need, especially for women who might not be able to afford a lot of extras. 

Furthermore, you’re not *really* a professional.  You’ve done a training course here and there, bu you’re not certified or anything—at least not certified to practice midwifery!

And what about scope of practice? 

The thing is, your passion really lies in serving mothers during home birth.  Maybe you’ve done hospital births as a doula, but it hurts your heart so much, you can’t bear the thought of going back. 

Or maybe you see women who are birthing in the hospital, but don’t really want to be, but feel they have no other options? 

How do you create a sustainable, profitable business from this passion you have for birth? 
  • How to really go about getting clients?
  • How do you make sure you’re attracting the right clients for you?
  • How do you charge money so you can live?
  • How do you navigate the complicated world of birth politics in your community?
  • How do you create community?
  • How do you meld the online words of social media, blogging, and the digital arena of business-building, with the intuitive work of caring for mothers while they undergo the most significant rite of passage and transformation of their lives?

Whether you call yourself a “full-spectrum doula” or a Radical Birthkeeper, or an independent midwife, or a birth consultant, there is a role for you in your community, and the world needs your wisdom.

I have over 15 years of experience working in the field of birth, and I’ve effectively coached many women who want to launch their birth business, but don’t know where to start, or feel stymied by the pressures that they perceive from general social climate around birth, or worry as to what and how to charge for their services. 

During this one-hour session, I’ll help you cut through the noise of self-judgement and help you clarify your birth-work superpower, and how to project your vision to the world, implement your passion, and translate that into working with women, with the highest integrity.

After purchasing your session, please CLICK HERE to pick a time and schedule our meeting. If you can't find a time that works for you, just send me an email at sasamat.clark@gmail.com, and we'll sort things out!