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Freebirth Freedom Sessions

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You are determined to have a home birth.  

You know this is the right decision for you, and for your baby, but you still have worries that you can’t seem to place. 

You feel intuitively that you are capable of birthing at home in your own power, but you are still feeling fear about potential complications, and your family just doesn’t seem to understand why you would choose birthing at home over going to the hospital.

You’re leaning towards choosing free birth, or unassisted birth, but you’re not totally sure that you can really do it, and you wonder if it might be better for you to hire a midwife or a birth attendant. 

You wish you could pinpoint your concerns, and to establish whether or not your fears are based in reality.

You’re ready to clarify your birth plan with confidence.

Maybe you’ve been diagnosed as “high-risk”, but you’re almost sure that assessment is bogus.

If only you had the benefit of a decade of experience. 

If only you could consult with someone who deeply understands independent, autonomous free birth, and the conditions that will mean the most chance of success.

If only you had someone to talk to, who can help you put into perspective the complications you’re concerned about.

If only you knew which tests and diagnostics were really helpful and necessary, vs. the procedures that might create problems where there were none.

You need help cutting through the noise from the medical community, and your family members, to get to the core what really matters when it comes to making the safest and best choices for your baby.

Do any of this sound familiar?

  • You feel like free birth is probably the right choice for you, but you’re still worried about GBS, and PPH and everything else.
  • You feel like you’re alone in believing that your body can give birth without medical intervention.
  • You’re afraid that even though you want to have a free birth, and you believe you can do it, you worry that the pain will be too much, and you’ll cave under the pressure of your friends and family to go to the hospital.
  • You feel torn between the confidence you feel deep down, and the worries that other people seem intent on imposing on you.
  • Sometimes you wonder if the choice to free birth at home is crazy!

I work with smart, independent women who are sick of feeling disempowered by the myth that childbirth is a medical event from which we need to be delivered. I help mothers navigate the process of planning and manifesting their freebirth without fear.

I have been attending births and working with pregnant and birthing mothers for over fifteen years. I’ve witnessed countless beautiful healthy homebirths, and I have given birth to my own 7 children at home.  I’m also a certified health coach, and Pilates instructor, and I have many years of experience in prenatal nutrition and wellness.

As a result of this coaching program, you will

  • clarify, acknowledge, explore, then shift the central fear that is causing you anxiety about your birth
  • discover the two most significant factors that will impact whether or not you have the home birth you want
  • learn the very best and most painless way to deal with family members and medical professionals who don’t approve of your birth plans
  • know whether to include your older children in your homebirth or freebirth, and how to do that so that everyone gets their needs met
  • know exactly what supplies to have on hand for your birth process
  • understand the signs of most major complications so you can feel confident about giving birth at home
  • know how to talk to the people in your life about your freebirth, and know whether or not to include them in your birth experience
  • have the tools to decide whether or not you do need to access outside assistance
  • get clear on whether or not hiring a doula, a birth attendant, or a midwife is the right thing to do, for you (and the important distinctions between all of these)
  • feel confident, and prepared, for the onset of the birth process, the early stages of birth, transition, pushing your baby out, and the immediate postpartum period

This package includes:

Initial Assessment worksheet

This will allow me to understand some of your initial concerns going into our first coaching session, so that I can be ready to address your worries or interests with as much information as possible.

Two One-Hour Phone/Skype Coaching Sessions

During these coaching sessions (which you may schedule at any time during your journey!) we will discuss your biggest birth-fears, strategies for how to address and shift these fears, as well as the logistics of birth, how birth feels, how to self-assess and deal with potential complications at home, and anything you want to talk about, related to your pregnancy and birth.  Ask me anything!

My Mp3 of Freebirth Affirmations and a Powerful Recorded Meditation Session

Words are such a powerful precursor to action. This audio recording is a very effective way of priming your subconscious for a peaceful, powerful birth. 

Birth Clarity Questionnaire

What do you really want? This questionnaire can quickly help you clarify where your priorities and commitments lie. 

Personalized Resources

I have a *ton* of amazing resources that I've collected over the decades, and I'll give you apersonalized list of books, websites and contacts that will help you delve deeply into some of your core areas of interest and concern when it comes to your birth.

Email Support

Questions and concerns always come up! I offer three weeks of email support, during which I'm able to respond within 48 hours of receiving a message. 


After purchasing your session, please CLICK HERE to schedule a time for our meetings. (If you can't find a time that works for you, don't worry! Just send me an email at and we'll work something out).