Stop Trying, Start Giving Up

Stop Trying, Start Giving Up

I get it, I really do. 

As a mother whose babies have all decided to be born at between 42-44 weeks’ gestation, I absolutely understand how difficult those last weeks and days of pregnancy can be, especially when we are bombarded on all sides by individuals and cultural messaging that tells us that babies need to be evicted from the womb based on an arbitrary timeline! 

The thing is though, peaceful, ecstatic births don’t come from trying.

They come from surrendering to the whole experience. The birth process isn’t one singular event, with a distinct beginning or ending.  It’s a continuum.  You are *in* your birth process now.  

All those feelings of despair and disconnection that so many of us feel at the end of our pregnancies are part of the journey, and experiencing those emotions actually means you are close to meeting your baby! 

It’s all part of the essential cracking-open of self, and ego—the sometimes-painful blossoming of motherhood.

Birth is the stripping away of all of our layers of our psyche and self-consciousness, exposing our raw primal essence in all its fragility.  

The physical sensations of birth are certainly intense! But the emotional transformation can be truly painful.  It certainly was for me. 
So just know that if you’re feeling porous, or despairing, or raw, or shattered, or all of this at once, nearing the end of your pregnancy: Yes. This is all correct, and a sign that all is happening as it should. 

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