Leaving Home, Wearing Masks

Leaving Home, Wearing Masks


My family and I recently left Canada under stressful circumstances. We're now living in the tropics for the time being: worldschooling, learning Spanish, writing, loving, connecting with other people and families, and working to support freedom of thought, speech, and bodily integrity as much as possible. 


I never could have possibly guessed—as recently as eight months ago—that I would end up experiencing threats of violence and even death, for speaking what I believe to be true--let alone that the majority of human beings on earth would be compelled to cover their faces when moving through the streets. 


But in retrospect, the signs were there, well before I was aware. When I reflect simply on the fact that over the past couple of years my work in birth has received the kind of attention from the mainstream press that it has (accusations that I’m a baby-murderer and other forms of libel), the whole picture begins to come into focus, in a way. 


Carrying, nurturing, and sharing an understanding of the sacredness and indelibility of the wisdom of our bodies, and of our connection to source, through birth and death, is the most significant threat that exists to corporate control, which is always dependent on manufacturing the belief that we are powerless. 


Authentic power is very dangerous to those in positions of false authority.


These are strange times, and I am more aware than ever, of how incredibly lucky I am. Lucky to be alive. Lucky to be whole. Lucky to love. So very lucky to have my husband and children alive and well. And lucky to know that the freedom and power I have as a fundamentally sovereign being, can never be taken from me.


Lee and our children and I will be spending the next several months in this warm, wild, beautiful place, (with a couple of sojourns here and there that I’m excited to tell you all about, soon) and my focus will be on continuing to teach the incredible Radical Birth Keeper School, finishing my book (finally!!) and most importantly, especially considering the way of the world, spending time delighting in my beautiful family. 


I’ll also continue to create the videos that I’ve been making since the beginning of this manufactured crisis, and nurturing the incredible community that has sprung up as a result of my practice of speaking my mind, a testament to how important and life-giving it is for all of us to share our convictions. 


For all those of you who are still on Youtube, please consider following me there. For as long as I can evade the censors, I’ll continue to use those mainstream platforms. But I'm also on bitchute.com and odysee.com, and I encourage you to join me there, which 


At the core of my work, always, even from when I was little, is freedom. Freedom of thought, freedom of speech, and the freedom that we all possess, inalienably, to be our sovereign selves. 


In my most recent video, Leaving Home, Wearing the Mask, I share a little bit about our story of actually leaving, the political and social dynamics of mask-wearing, and how grumpy and unpleasant I was before we left. And no, I’m not proud of making Thanksgiving unbearable. Sigh. 


I also mention a new and already-beloved friend, Jolene, who is an artist and a healer, and who can be found on Instagram @Jolenestar_. 


I also mention a blog post by James Fetzer, in which Fetzer links out to a series of studies that were done, which, to my mind, offer incontrovertible evidence (as if any “evidence” outside of the obvious experiential realities are necessary…) that wearing masks is ridiculous and will do nothing whatsoever to protect the wearer or those around them from illness. 


I also mention an article published by The Federalist, that points out that most people who become sick from Rona, are the staunchest and most religious mask-wearers.


For women who resonate with my work, and who are seeking a community of like-minds, consider joining my private network; a place where we can share our thoughts openly, and participate in the two women's circles that I facilitate each week. 


For anyone seeking 1:1 support, related to parenting, birth preparation, or surviving and even thriving during these challenging times, you can book a session with me directly, here.


Much love, 



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