I Could *Never* Have a Freebirth!

I Could *Never* Have a Freebirth!

I could never do that!

I hear this from so many women, when I tell them I’ve given birth to 7 babies at home--and especially when I say that the last 5 of those were freebirths, which means I had no midwife or doula or other formal helper present.

But I’m here to tell you,  Yes you could.  And you can.

One of the reasons why free birth is so powerful, I that it allows your motherly intuition, your primal knowing, its full flower.  

Without a managerial figure present, you really don’t have a choice but to look within.  

And paradoxically, it is the absence of interference, of management, that allows the hormones of birth that allow for that deep knowing to flourish.

Every woman, in her primal element, knows instinctively how to surrender, and when to take action when she’s bringing her baby into the world, in the absence of an apparatus of authority. 

What birth in captivity (hospitals, birth centres, even home births that are medicalized) does, is shut down a mother’s instincts, transferring power to the authorities in the room.

Our hormonal system is drastically altered by our environment and context. 

In the wild (or the relative wilderness of our homes—our safe place), women know what to do, to bring their babies forth into the world, with the ferocious ecstasy that nature has imbued in us, biologically. 

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